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Solar park Néoules


Exciting major project at the foot of Massif de la Verrerie

In the Néoules Solar Park, Phoenix Solar has realised one of its largest projects in the world. The customer commissioning the solar park is Akuo Energy, a private group with international operations specialised in the development of industrial power production plants from renewable resources.

During the construction work on the two plants, each of twelve megawatts, Phoenix Solar successfully overcame a wide variety of technical and administrative hurdles.

This included a very tight construction schedule of only seven months to build the solar park and a transformer station as well, as electricity is fed into the grid at high voltage level with 225 kilovolt (kV) instead of otherwise feeding directly into the grid at 20 kV in the medium voltage range, as is customary.

In addition, the topography of the site and extremely rocky terrain necessitated extensive excavation to prepare the surface, including terracing, removing rocks and drilling pilot holes to take the mounting system.

Technische Daten
Rated system power 23.92 MWp
Annual energy yield ca. 35,924 MWh
Entspricht dem Stromverbrauch von ca. 8,981 families**
CO2-savings p.a. ca. 3,233 t*
No./type of modules 74,736 Sunpower 320
Inverter 32 SMA 760CP
Construction type Ground-mounted system
Tilt angle 30°
Frame technology Enersol Bioposte II
Orientation South

* Source: 90 g CO2-savings per kWh, publication of DGEMP (Direction Générale de l’Énergie et des Matières Premières), as of 2007
** Calculation basis: average power consumption of one family: 4,000 kWh

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